Direct access means less steps between pain and getting back to what you love to do! Not only do you get to the proper care faster, patients who use physical therapy as their first management strategy for low back pain spend 72% less on their medical care within the first year. A recent synthesis of many studies found that patients who seek direct access to a PT use significantly less pharmacological interventions and found greater satisfaction from their treatment than those referred by physicians to physical therapy. By New Jersey law, you are allowed to be seen for physical therapy intervention for 30 days following your initial evaluation without a prescription from a doctor. If your ailment is not resolved within this 30 day period, we will guide you to the best medical care to ensure you are on the proper track as well as receive a script for further treatment if appropriate.


Getting physical therapy first is a cost effective strategy for managing orthopedic conditions. With our screening and wellness programs, you gain direct access to a physical therapist, speeding up the time between your first contact with a medical professional, and your return to full health


Price: $15

An injury screen is a 20 minute examination of you current status to determine if physical therapy services are appropriate for you. An injury screen is much like any medical visit although treatment will not be administered. The goal of a screen is to help you get to the proper health care provider for your current state. A recommendation for physical therapy intervention, imaging, emergency medicine, or follow up with a physician may be made. The charge for the screen will be waived if you schedule an initial evaluation with Summit Physical Therapy or are referred by one of our clinicians for imaging or further medical evaluation.

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