Robert O’Connell, PT

Owner, Clinical Director

Rob O’Connell PT, excels a as physical therapist in the world of orthopedics, with a passion for treating patients with rotator cuff injuries, ACL reconstructions, and soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains and pulls. Rob has a special interest in ACL rehab as he underwent the surgery himself and knows firsthand what it takes to get back to prior levels of activity and life. Rob was a dual sport athlete in high school and college, as a running back in football and shortstop In baseball. Rob has taken his passion for football to Summit Physical Therapy by fostering the Football Injury Prevention and Performance Program, providing a first hand perspective to the athlete wishing to bring their game to the next level.

Rob and his wife have 3 children, all who graduated from Columbia High School. In his free time, Rob loves to barbecue with his family and friends as well as maintain the garden at his home. It is common to find Rob manning the music controls in the clinic or conversing about his passion for music with a patient. Rob is also the president of the Union Rotary Club and his heavily involved in many local community service projects.