ATTIRE • Athletic or very loose fitting attire is preferred in order to not have your treatment obstructed by inflexible or constricting clothes. For your evaluation, it is important that your clothing allows for exposure of the body part for which you are seeking treatment. Example: For examination of the knee please wear shorts. For examination of the shoulder or neck, a tank top is preferred especially for women who may not be comfortable removing their shirt

TIME OF ARRIVAL • In order to ensure there is adequate time for your full examination, it is crucial that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to confirm that all paperwork and insurance information has been processed. We are able to provide all required paperwork via email for a more streamlined process. For a full and thorough evaluation, please expect your visit to be 60 minutes in duration.

DESCRIPTION OF CLINICIAN INTERACTION Your initial evaluation at Summit Physical Therapy will be be a 60 minute, 1 on 1 visit between you and your clinician in the privacy of an examination room. You are welcome to have a chaperone or family member present if this makes you more comfortable during your first visit. The examination will begin with a conversation and interview about your current condition and/or complaints. This will include questions to aid the clinician in a proper diagnosis, set a timeline of your current condition, and establish a thorough medical history. After the initial subjective history, the clinician will perform a thorough physical examination assessing not only your condition but how your movement and activities play into your current status. Upon establishing a proper diagnosis, you and your clinician will establish a individualized plan for proper care taking into consideration your goals and lifestyle. Treatment will be administered as per your clinical presentation and plan that you have established with your clinician.


Please be prepared to schedule your follow-up visits at least 2 weeks in advance. If there are specific appointment times that you will need, it is imperative that all appointments are scheduled as far in advance as possible as to not lose these slots.

We participate with most insurance providers including Medicare. Please contact us to verify your insurance benefits.