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John Scioscia PT, has extensive experience in the realm of sports medicine and rehabilitation holding a dual degree in Athletic Training as well as Physical Therapy from Boston University while competing as a Division 1 wrestler. John has particular interest and expertise in treating hip and myofascial related conditions. John has also held certifications in Strength and Conditioning and in Dry Needling. As a 2018 recipient of a hip replacement, he provides a unique perspective on hip rehabilitation as a patient himself. John also has a unique skill set in crafting orthotics based not solely upon skeletal structure, but in conjunction with a comprehensive physical therapy examination.

In his free time, John loves to stay active by renovating his home and woodworking. John and his wife, Michelle, have 3 children, all who graduated from Summit High School. John has been a long time fan of lacrosse, with 2 children who continued their high school careers at Notre Dame. He has parlayed his interest as a fan and father into creating the Summit Physical Therapy Lacrosse Injury Prevention and Performance Program.