Don’t wait for an injury to begin working on your health!  Our Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Programs allow you access to a physical therapist to keep you healthy and strive toward your athletic goals. Exercise interventions are effective in reducing sports injuries to one third their current level as well as reducing overuse injuries by half. Our programs are highly individualized and based on a combination of your goals as well as what is recommended by your therapist. The program begins with a 1 hour, comprehensive evaluation that is specific to your sports and needs. This varies from a standard physical therapy evaluation in that the whole body will be evaluated within the context of your sport. Frequency of follow up visits will be decided by you and your therapist after completing the initial evaluation to best suit your lifestyle and goals.

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The sport of lacrosse places a tremendous demand on the body due to the fast pace, physicality, and intense rotational nature of the lacrosse shot. In order to ensure long term success on the lacrosse field, a targeted program addressing mobility, stability, strength, and neuromuscular deficits can be effective in keeping you healthy and performing at an elite level. John Scioscia is our in house lacrosse specialist, with more than 35 years experience treating athletes ranging from youth and club teams to elite level NCAA Division I. Treatments will be highly individualized based on the information gathered during the initial evaluation in conjunction with your specific goals. Plans may involve consistent office visits or a home and gym program with infrequent check-ups to progress as needed. Please contact us to ask any questions you may have regarding our program.

Football - Rob O’Connell and Paul Coviello

Our Football Program is run by our two football experts Rob O’Connell and Paul Coviello.  Both clinicians continued their football careers through college and now continue their passion for the sport by helping current players stay healthy and perform at their highest level.  Rob specializes in treating skill players such as running backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and defensive backs. Paul specializes in in working with lineman and linebackers. Football presents a unique set of demands due to the physical nature of the sport as well as the sub-specialization for each position. Our program will address your mobility needs, agility work, speed work, power generation, conditioning programming, strength programming, position specific coaching, and football specific injury prevention training. Please contact us to ask any questions you may have regarding our program.

Cycling - Paul Coviello

Most cyclists subject themselves to a thorough bike fitting that ensures your bike is set up in proportion to your body for comfort and performance. How many cyclists take into account how well their body fits to their bike?  Off bike mobility exercises, strength exercise, and proper workout programming may be the missing link in your performance or may be what is missing from keeping you a healthy cyclist. Our Injury Prevention and Performance Program involves an on-bike evaluation with our specialist, Paul Coviello, assessing your mechanics, fit, range of motion, and strength. Treatment is highly individualized and may include in-clinic trainer workouts, out of clinic performance programming, manual therapy, mobility work, strength training, stability training, and conditioning. Please contact us to ask any questions you may have regarding our program.  

We’ll help you work to prevent injuries.